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Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints


Expansion Joints

Expansion Joints for Any Application

Expansion joints are assemblies that are designed to safely absorb heat-induced expansions and contractions of pipes and tubing systems. Expansion joints should be designed accurately to make sure that they are able to withstand the stresses and avoid cracks brought about by the continuous change in the temperature of the system.


Expansion joints are used in tubing and piping systems because of one basic scientific principle: Boyle’s Law. When tubing is subjected to high-temperature fluids, pressure also builds up. Expansion joints are needed to bear the extra force that accumulates. Major engineering principles are involved in the design of expansion joints, and Parker Fabrication, Inc. has mechanical experts that know all there is to know about good expansion joint design.


Quality Expansion Joints

Pipes need room to allow for compression and expansion. Joints, also known as compensators, rectify the temperature and dissipate heat and pressure. Bellows are a good example pipe expansion joints. The ability of expansion joints to expand and contract as climate conditions move from hot to cold helps to ensure that the system remains functional even in extreme weather conditions.


Liners, covers, particulate barriers/purge connectors: these are all the parts needed to create the correct expansion joint for a pipe. Accuracy and precision are always taken into consideration in the design of expansion joints and of all our products. When we do this, we make sure the entire machine and pipe systems work to their maximum efficiency.


Expansion Joints by Professionals


Correctly designed expansion joints can only result from professional methods and tools. Parker Fabrication leads in the expansion joint market and offers any of the following:



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Expansion Joints - Parker Fabrication

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